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  1. 2016.01.16 [개발/delphi] Graphics32 v1.8.1 for D5,6,7,2005, C5,6, BDS2006

델파이/Delphi VCL 컴포넌트 

Graphics32 v1.8.1 for D5,6,7,2005, C5,6, BDS2006

Graphics32 is a set of functions, classes, components and controls designed for high-performance graphics programming.

Being highly specialized for 32-bit pixel format, it provides fast operations with pixels and graphic primitives and in most cases Graphics32 considerably outperforms standard TBitmap/TCanvas classes.

The library comes with a full source code, documentation and examples. 

Graphics32 supports Delphi versions 5, 6, 7, 2005 (Win32), 2006 (Delphi Win32 and C++), and C++ Builder 5 and 6.

As of version 1.6 there is also CLX support in Graphics32. That means you can use it either with CLX on Windows using Delphi or on x86 Linux using the Kylix Delphi environment.

Note: If you want to use the Windows CLX version in Delphi, you'll have to uncomment the {$DEFINE CLX} line in GR32.inc.

Note: For Delphi 2005 and up function inlining is automatically used to improve performance in certain situations. If you want to avoid this, please comment out the {$DEFINE USEINLINING} line in GR32.inc.

Note: Because some properties of range bars and gage bars have been changed, you can obtain some error messages while opening your previous Graphics32 projects. Just ignore these messages and Delphi will fix DFM files automatically.

Unzip the files; 
Add location of main installation directory to Tools | Environment Options | Library | Library Path. 
Select File | Open... on the menu bar. Set Files of type to Delphi package source, locate and open GR32_DSGN_D6.dpk
(GR32_DSGN_K for Kylix, GR32_DSGN_BDS2006 for Borland Developer Studio 2006, GR32_DSGN_D2005 for Delphi 2005, GR32_DSGN_D7 for Delphi7, GR32_DSGN_D6 for Delphi6, GR32_DSGN_D5 for Delphi5 or GR32_DSGN_B5 for C++ Builder); 
A package editor window will appear. Click Compile, then click Install; 
If compiler asks whether you want to save changes, usually it is a good idea to choose No. 


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